Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An article talking about Me? Wow!

Read the article HERE

Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boys vs Girls: Who do you think had a better time?

Girls Night Out
Our GNO started out at Art City Trolley with the worlds best salads. Oh, the were so good. I'm not going to go into details about my salad and how much I love food in general. For that see here.

After our fun, food filled dinner we headed off to the luxurious nail salon right inside our neighborhood Walmart! Go figure! My mom and I got pedicures while Brynley got her toe nails and fingernails painted. She was so still and loved every second of it. My mom and I loved being pampered!

Brynley's pampering didn't end on Friday night. Saturday morning she had her very own appointment with Stacy! Lucky girl! (Did I tell you guys about the day when I told her I needed to trim her bangs and she goes, "No! I want Stacy to do it!" The little stinker...) Anyway, we all love Stacy. And so does everyone I know. So, do it. Make an appointment with her. You won't be sorry.
Check out this awesome hair cut:

The Boy's Campout
Brandon and Caleb went to my Dad's ward's father and son's outing. I wasn't there so I don't have any good stories to tell. I will just let the pictures tell the story. I do know that they had a great time and as they were going to sleep Caleb looked at Grandpa and his Daddy and said, "This is the greatest day of my life!"

So, there you have it? Which party would you have rather attended?

Last Day of School

I can't believe Caleb is done with Kindergarten! I actually cried as we were leaving his school. Wierd, I know. I normally wouldn’t call myself the type that is sad that my kids are growing up. I wasn’t sad his first day of kindergarten. I was excited for him and he was excited. But a little part of my today was sad that this year flew by so fast and my big boy is going to be in 1st grade next year! We were walking out of his school (I was wearing sunglasses I might add) and I said, “Caleb, can you believe you’re done with Kind-(voice catch)-ergarten?” That was the extent of it. I’m not talking heaving balling. Just a little sadness that he is growing up so quickly.

The had a cute little program. Here he is surrounded by the other kindergarteners. What? You don't see him? He's the one in the red shirt. Lol, I crack myself up.

Here he is at the beginning of the year:

And here he is at the end. He doesn't look much different. Maybe a little wiser?

The next day Brandon's mom came into town. We had a nice long picnic at the park. She played with the kids and I ... took a nap under a tree. :) Thanks, Mary! I love it when you come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aubrey is 8 Months Old!

My beautiful little baby is already 8 months old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. She has been such a joy and blessing to have in our family. She is the easiest, happiest baby ever and we are all head over heels in love with her!

Here are some little tidbits of information about Aubrey at 8 months old:
-Sometimes she sleeps all the way through the night (probobly 3-4 times a week)
-She does NOT like eating solid food. At all. She clenches her little mouth closed very tight at the sight of it.
-She loves her bottle and gets really excited (think panting breathing and arms and legs kicking) whenever she sees it.
-She can be content to sit in a pile of baby toys for at least an hour.
-She has two cute little teeth. I never even noticed she was teething until I saw them poking through.
-She is such a chunk! She wears 18 month size clothes.
-She is not anywhere close to crawling which I am more than fine with. The kids in our family don't crawl until after their first birthday so I don't anticipate any movement for quite some time.

We love you so much little Aubrey!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there, especially to my mom and mother in law!

Today we went over to my parents and I got some cute pictures of the kids playing at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Here's three generations of mom's for ya!

Happy Mother's day again to both my mom's and my grandma! I love you all very much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We broke out the WHAT last night?

(sorry for those of you who read my fiteats blog because this story is copied over there too...)

That was so me last night! Ok, not so much. But we did break out the rollerblades! Neither Brandon or I had rollerbladed in at least 10 years … until yesterday! The kids wanted to go the park so we thought we’d “blade” there. (Is that what they used to call it?) We got the rollerblades on and it’s a miracle we even made it out of the garage. We weren’t sure how we’d make it all the way to the park which was a long 1/4 mile away if we went around the block first. Brandon’s blades were completely missing breaks. Mine had a break but I was too scared to actually tilt my foot back far enough to use it.

I got to push the stroller because I wanted it to help me stay on my feet. To get to the bottom of the drive way I had Caleb watch for cars and I careened down the drive way pushing the girls in front of me, screaming the whole way. Was it the safest way to go? Probobly not. But I made it down. Brandon side stepped down the grassy area on the side of the house. Sorry, honey, I had to tell them.

We ended up making it around the block and to the park. The kids played and then we braved the way home. Let me paint one more picture for you. I hope this is as funny as it was last night.

Here I am trying to “blade” up the driveway pushing the stroller in front of me. I couldn’t quite get up it. So Brandon says he’s going to help. (Lol, I’m dying laughing as I type this…) He skates over but can’t stop when he gets to us and he’s yelling for me to move, but, hello? Where am I supposed to go? He ends up running right into my arms that are holding the stroller and I almost clothes line him. He didn’t fall but it was close and I helped him stop. Then he helped me get the stroller to the top of the driveway. We were laughing so hard!

While we may not be the best roller bladers around, we had a great time, a lot of laughes and we’ll probobly break them out again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Homemade Nut Butters

I. Love. Nut Butters. I've been in heaven since I learned out to make nut butter in my blendtec. I've made homemade peanut butter and almond butter:

Even Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter:

I made up this recipe and it was so good!

Ralphy and Georgy

We (ok, I should say I) decided to get Caleb a pet. We got him a little rat. At first I was so turned off by rats and their tails but they're actually really cute, smart and sweet! They're very clean and have little personalities like dogs. You can teach them their names and tricks and all sorts of stuff. We got Ralphy first.

Then we went to get him a new cage and we (again, I) decided to get Ralphy a little friend because they do better in pairs. We got a little 6 week old that we named Georgy. They are so sweet. You put your hand in the cage and the just lick the heck out of your fingers like a little puppy. We let them run around the front room as long as Caleb watches them closely. Georgy is taking a little longer to get used to it here and he gets a little nervous. He doesn't like to come far out of the cage. He'll walk out and then put his little front feet on the carpet and turn around and run back in.

Ralphy won't go on the hard wood floor. It is so funny. He'll walk his front feet onto the wood floor as far as he can while keeping his back feet on the carpet, then change his mind and back up back onto the carpet. They have minds of their own, that's for sure!

They are very sweet and nice and if any of you want a good pet for your kids that don't require a lot of upkeep... consider a rat or two!