Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My pretty girls in their Christmas Dresses

Just a typical evening in the Mathews' home

We broke out the video camera last night because we haven't been capturing enough of what Aubrey is like these days. On this video you will hear her first word (a whispered "Wow!") and other funny things she does. It is about 3 min so it may bore you if you're not an Aunt or Grandma. There's your fair warning.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Punch Cards are Now ON SALE!

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These prices are CHEAP people! I promise you won't want to miss this!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Telos Turkey Tri

I competed in the Telos Turkey Triathlon today! It was a really fun race and the weather was PERFECT! I had some ups and downs along the way but it all turned out great.

Saundra and I rode together and got there about 45 min before the race was supposed to start. We hadn't picked up our packets yet so we went straight to do that. We ended up being behind some boy scout troop or something and we waited in line for like 20 minutes. It was really obnoxious and started to stress us out. Then we got our bikes, found a spot in the transition area and went to get our chip timers and our numbers written on us. There was a huge line for the chips, too. Which again stressed us out a little. We ended up getting to the starting line right as the race was starting. So, we weren't late ... just a little too close for comfort.

Only those of you with Garmin Forerunners will understand the utter horror of what I am about to tell you. After charging all day yesterday (I was thinking ahead) my Garmin WOULD NOT TURN ON!!! I was freaking out. Garmin Forerunner is to Lindsey as the magic feather is to Dumbo. That garmin keeps me going. It motivates me to push harder. I can't do a race blind without knowing my pace and the remaining distance, etc. I was horrified. But there was nothing I could do. So, I thought, it's ok. I also brought a stop watch and I can look at that and go by the mile markers. Everything will be ok.


My run goal was a 9.15 min/mile pace. Which would have had me finishing in about 28 1/2 minutes. I did not have the constant reminder of my pace from my Garmin so I would just have to rely on the stop watch. We start the run. I looked at the wrist of every one I passed or that passed me for a Garmin. I tapped probobly five people throughout the run and asked for the pace. I know, I was so annoying. After about 10 minutes I still hadn't seen a mile marker so I figured there weren't going to be any. Talk about frustrating! The course wasn't marked at all. This made the run really hard mentally. But whatever. It ended with a long uphill too. Which made it even harder. Cut to the chase, I finished in 27:24 minutes. Which is about an 8.52 min/mile pace. Which cut a minute off my goal time. My transition time was also a minute shorter than I planned.


The bike is what I was most excited for. Biking isn't as "total body exhausting" as running is to me. You don't get that "I'm going to barf" feeling. Yeah, your legs are on fire but it's not as encompassing. My goal time on the bike was 37 minutes and I finished in 35.5 minutes! Which is about 17 mph. The bike was a two loop course with a big downhill and a short but crazy steep up hill. I had it in the easiest gear and it was a big struggle to stay on the bike. A lot of people were walking but I was NOT about to walk! Anyway, the bike was the most fun out of all three, I thought. My next transition took me about 3 minutes shorter than I thought because I thought the transition area was a lot farther away from the pool than it ended up being.


My swim was AWEFUL. I walked into the too warm pool building and my googles immediately fogged like crazy. I couldn't get them very clear so I couldn't see very well the whole time. Through pretty much the entire swim I was on top of people. There would be one person walking in the pool and someone who swam barely faster than the walker trying to pass them and I couldn't pass either of them because there was no room. That was the case for probobly half the swim. I would finally pass them and it would take about a lap for me to get to the next annoying group of 3-4 people that were all on top of each other. I even had to completely stop a few times. It took me 3 minutes longer than it did in my training. My goal was 7 minutes and it took me closer to 10. It was so frustrating!

In the end it was a really fun race and I feel really proud of myself. I got ninth in my age group and I beat my goal by 7 minutes. I didn't drink enough water and got pretty dehydrated though so when I got home I felt light headed and had a bad head ache. But I'm feeling better now as I type this.

Anyway, that was my race recap! Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun with Cousins

We met Jeremy and Angie and Jordan at the park on Halloween day. It is always fun to let the kids get together and go crazy!

The other day Brandon and I were commenting on how Aubrey is pretty much a girl version of Caleb. They look exactly alike. We were wondering what a boy version of Brynley would look like. Well, on Saturday we found it. I didn't realize that these two cute cousins could easily pass for siblings if not twins. What do you guys think?

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween consisted of:

Naked children carving pumpkins

Trunk or treat with Caleb as a "light up mummy" (not just a mummy... but a 'light up mummy'), Brynley as Sleeping Beauty, Aubrey as a pink poodle, me as a witch and Brandon as ... a super hot dad! :-)

After trunk or treating (which I think is SO lame by the way but I don't have time right now to post that rant)we went around the neighborhood for some double dipping because Trunk or Treating does NOT take the place of Trick or Treating. I don't have any pictures unfortunately. But the kids had a great time.

I don't feel like I have anything fun or witty to say and I think this is kind of boring so I'll end now.