Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zion Ponderosa

Last weekend we spent the weekend down in Zion at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.  It was SUCH a fun place!  We had this cute little cabin that had a little sitting area, bathroom and separate bedroom.  And it was really made out of logs!  :-)

We drove down there on a Friday afternoon.  That evening we checked in, played around our cute cabin and then drove through the park and had dinner.

Saturday was our fun day.  We went into the park and did the Emerald Pools hike.  We were just going to do the lower emerald pools trail but the kids were doing so good we did the middle and upper as well.  Aubrey was hilarious.  She hiked the whole time and was saying the funniest things!  She always wanted to climb big rock steps by herself and she hpped down all the steps like it was a game.  Brynley whined a lot about Caleb being "in front" and Caleb was a really fast hiker.  That about sums it up.

We played around our cute cabin before going on a Jeep Tour.  It was so much fun!  It was such a bumpy ride!  There was a lot of mud so we did a little slipping and sliding, too!

After dinner we sat in the hot tub.  They have a really nice pool area!  We dared Caleb to jump in the freezing cold pool.  We said we'd give him $5 if he did it.  He said he was going to but it took him FOREVER to actually do it.  He was trying to get used to it but we kept telling him that was not going to happen!  He kept saying the funniest things!  He had to "get all the courage" from everyone before he could jump.  Then when he was deliberating he said, "Let's go over all the safety issues here..."  Oh my goodness (shakes head).  He is definitely my child!!

On Sunday morning we took advantage of the fun activities to do at the resort.  Caleb and Brynley went horseback riding.  Caleb climbed the rock wall and Caleb and I went on the zip line.  There were so many things to do!


We had a great time and will likely be going back again some time.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Pictures Day!

Last Saturday we met Liz up in downtown Salt Lake for family pictures.  We some amazing pictures!!  We took them around City Creek Mall and there were some amazing back drops!  You'll have to wait until I get all the pictures to see them but here are some candids from the morning.

Happy Birthday Aubrey

Aubrey turned four this year!  She is such a sweet girl and we love her so much.  She tries really hard to be a good girl.  But she can have a little temper when she wants to also!  But, and maybe it's because she's our third, her temper just usually ends up being funny.

On the DAY of her birthday she invited her two best friends over for lunch.  Then went to the mall to play on the toys and to McDonald's for ice cream.

She had her very first friend birthday party.  She wanted a Minnie Mouse theme.  She is Ob.Sessed with Minnie.  We invited four of her cute little friends.  She really wanted to play Musical Chairs.  I wasn't so sure how this would go over being as the point of the game is that someone doesn't get a chair.  How mean is that?!  So we get the music going and stop it for the first time.  You guessed it.  Aubrey didn't get the chair.  Oh, she cried and cried.  Threw herself on the floor and wouldn't come back to the game.  So we kept going but we changed it a tad.  Now, the person who didn't get a chair was the winner!  YAY!  They didn't really catch on that none of them should sit.  They still all fought for a chair.  But everyone was happy.  Silly little four year olds...  :-)

We had the cutest cupcakes ever made by my friend and talented cake froster Ruachel.  Thanks Ruachel!!

Aubrey has been such a fun little four year old so far.  The next morning she woke up and said, "Mommy am I still four?"

Is that the most ginormous Minnie you've ever seen?!  She is in love with it.

See? She loves it.

One more funny Aubrey-ism - We were on a walk at my parents and we saw a deer in the field across from their house.  We pointed to it and said "Look, Aubrey!  Do you see that deer?" And she said, "Yeah!  Even I see that horse!"

She's such a cutie...