Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow, it's been way too long!

I can't believe it's been 11 days since I've updated! I've been really busy. I took my test. It was the hardest most stressful test I have EVER taken (including college). I don't know how I did. I should hopefully find out soon. I have also gotten 5 new clients in the last week! I am so excited about it! It has taken A LOT of my time though to figure out policies, forms, legal stuff, all that kind of stuff. Not to mention getting them all their initial plans with the last week! It is so fun though and I LOVE it!

A couple weeks ago I got together with my college roommates, Lisa and Amanda. We always say we're going to get together every couple months but that never happens. It usually works out to a couple times a year. That's pretty sad since we all live within 35 miles of each other! Anyway, we had so much fun reminicsing and laughing about old times and what we're all up to now. Here is us now:

And then: (sorry Amanda, I stole your picture!)

This last weekend Caleb and Brandon and went up to Jolley's Ranch to go sledding. They had so much fun and these pictures were just too cute.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I scheduled my test!

I scheduled my NSCA-CPT test for this tuesday at 1:30! I am so ready to be done with studying this big old book and take my test! I should find out my score about a week later. Remember, if I pass I am going to raise my prices! If you are interested in signing up or seeing my outrageously cheap prices or just finding out what the heck I'm talking about about, check out my training blog up in the corner of this page "Train with Lindsey". Leave me a comment or send me an email if you'd like more information!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Surprise! Happy 30th Birthday Brandon!

Today is Brandon's 30th birthday! I have been planning him a surprise party for a while and I was so excited for today to come! Jordan called him at work at about 4:15 and said that he was up at the mall and he and his friend had gotten into a car accident (in his friends car) and the car was being towed and he needed a ride home. That is how we kept him from coming straight home. Then Jordan said that he needed to get something at Costco and then he had Brandon come into his apartment to see his new computer. It was a great story and totally believeable! He had no idea when he walked into the house! He noticed that there were a lot of cars outside but he thought they belonged to the neighbors.

After he let it all sink in, Brandon asks me "Why didn't you invite Jordan?" I was like, duh, "I did invite him" and he says "why didn't you ask him to be here early for the surprise?" I said, "Well, I kind of needed him. He didn't really get in an accident!" He didn't get it until right then!

We had a GREAT turnout! Here are some of his guests:

The Lamm's (Brandon's first counselor) and the Farr's (also from Church - Doug is the exec. secretary for the bishopric so he and Brandon know each other that way)

My good friends Saundra and Kendall

Tyler Okerlund (the other Elder's Quorum President) and Brian Johnson (Brandon's secretary)

Dan and Sara Hoen (Brandon and Dan used to work together)

My silly mom, dad and brother

Mitch, Kendall, Makell and Quincy Josephson (our next door neighbors)

Tyler and Megan Webster (Brandon's second counselor)

And there's the most important guest of all back there! Thanks Jordan for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!

I made the best carrot cake ever! It was so yummy! Sorry, I'm not being very modest. But everyone else said it was good, so I guess that means I can too, right?

It was a very fun party with a lot of food and friends! Happy Birthday Brandon! I love you!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

A few days ago we went out to the park behind our house and went sledding on this little hill. It was so much fun! It was just big enough to be a little bit "thrilling" for the kids but not too big that Brynley was scared of it. (She's scared of everything...) Here are some pictures and videos of us sledding:

Last night Brandon and the kids went in the backyard and built a snowman. My mom gave us this really cute snowman kit that the kids were dying to use. I think he turned out great! And since Brynley is obssessed with Frosty (almost as obsessed as she is with Dora) she loved it!