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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Family Pictures

Here are some of Brandon and I and Aubrey. Caleb and Brynley are coming tomorrow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Family Pictures

I need your help! I can't possibly decide which ones I like best to print! Here are my favorites. Which one(s) are your favorite?




I love these last two because they're so different...

I will post more individual ones later. I'm "uploaded" out for the night!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caleb Plays T-Ball!

Caleb really loved playing t-ball this year. He did a really good job. He had at least one really hard hit per game. These games were pretty comical. Most of the boys in the field never went for the ball until the coach told them to. The just kind of watched it go by. And each inning consisted of each kid batting once and then switching to the kids on the other team could bat. All the boys ran one base per hit no matter what. All the boys got home runs. No one really got out. And if by some miracle they did get out, the still just stayed on base. So really, whichever team was bigger was automatically the winner. But still. It was really fun and gave the boys a good intro into baseball. Caleb liked playing catcher the best. He loved catching the ball when it was thrown to him and putting it on the tee.

Next year he gets to play "coach pitch" baseball. I hear that in this league each kid tries until he actually hits it. Wow, those could be long games.

Happy Fourth of July

I was about to start this post by saying how wonderful our Fourth of July was ... and it was. But some not so wonderful things happened which I will tell you about at the end. Let's focus on the wonderful part.

We started out the day with Brandon picking up my parents at the airport so we didn't go to a parade or anything. We probobly wouldn't have anyway, though. We're not really "parade people". We had gone swimming at the Payson pool the day before so we didn't go swimming on the Fourth either. (Wait, I'm supposed to be talking about the wonderful part, right? Jk.)

My parents came over for a bbq and that was tons of fun. They brought us lots of fun Hawaiian presents like swim suits, flip flops and these adorable matching dresses for the girls.

After dinner we went over to the Nye's for some fireworks. There were a few families there so there were a lot of kids to run around with and we all had a great time. Thanks Wes and Saundra for hosting!

(I wanted to make Brynley this cute to-to [I don't know how to spell that...] but then Caleb wanted something too so I made him and Jackson Captain America capes. They're not of the highest quality...)

A few not so wonderful things happened also. There was a huge windstorm that night. It made us have to stop fireworks early because it was so incredibly windy. That wasn't a huge deal in and of itself. But we got home to realize that we forgot to take down our canvas canopy in the backyard. It was blown into the neighbor's yard behind our house and was completely mangled. All the posts were bent and broken. Completely unfixable. So sad. That was our backyards only shade. Now, we have to get a new one.

Brandon also lost his wallet that day. He can't find it anywhere. It may have been stolen... but then again, maybe not. We don't know. It is nowhere. He has looked every possible place it could be. AND. If that isn't enough. He is on a business trip right now. Without and liscence or a credit card. He travelled with his passport and got permission from the hotel to use my credit card. But he couldn't get a rental car without a liscense of course. So, he's taking a taxi everyday. Now we need to do all the annoying things that go along with a lost/stolen wallet.

Poor Brandon HATES losing things. It drives him crazy. And he really never loses anything. He was so frustrated. He kept saying, "That was the worst fourth of July ever." So when I was about to start blogging about what a wonderful fourth of July we had, I had to chuckle.