Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caleb's Piano Recital: Did he redeem himself?

If you don't remember the catastrophe that was the Christmas Piano recital see the video here.

Did he redeem himself this year?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aubrey's Quotables

Aubrey has said some really funny things lately. Here are some for your enjoyment:

1. I need to preface this by explaining that Aubrey calls any grandma or grandpa "Grandpa". So no matter if you are a girl or a boy you are "grandpa. Anyway, Friday was my grandma's 97th birthday. We called and sang Happy Birthday to her. The rest of the day she walked around saying "Happy Grandpa, happy grandpa".

2. She refers to herself as "baby". She likes to say "baby do it" when she wants to do something herself. The other day she was doing something saying "baby do it" over and over again to herself. Something got stuck and she mumbled "stuck, stuck". Then she fixed and she excitedly exclaimed "Thank you baby!"

3. The other day (these were actually all on the same day) she was fussing in her crib for a while so I went in to see what was going on. She said "Baby peed". I look down and her cute, bare bum is hanging out with her diaper on the floor and a big pee spot in her crib. Great, Aubrey.

4. I rock her and sing to her before she goes to bed. She always asks me to sing "A Chi God" (I am a Child of God). I say I'll only do it if she puts her head on my shoulder. So she lays her head on my right shoulder for about 10 seconds and then says "is one" and switches to the other shoulder for 10 seconds, then "is one" and switches shoulders over and over.

Aubrey is such a cute little sweetie and we love her so much! It is so fun to hear her starting to talk and saying so many funny things!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood Bike Ride 2010

This last weekend Saundra and Jenny and I went up to Logan to ride in the Little Red Riding Hood Bike Race. It was such an amazing experience! It was so fun to have a girls weekend, too! The course was awesome with super smooth roads and no huge hills. Although we did spend a few miles slowly going slightly uphill and then we got to speed down a huge hill afterwards as a reward! We did the 58 mile course (which ended up only being 54 miles! I was a little bit bugged about that...) and I averaged about 16.6 mph over the whole ride. I was happy with that. The first 24 miles just FLEW by! I was going 18-21 mph the entire time. There was no wind and the roads were so smooth! The wind started up during the second half and thats where the small hills were so the second half slowed me down a bit. It took me about 3 hours and 15 minutes and I felt GREAT after! I haven't been sore or anything! Next time I want to do the 80 or 100 miles, for sure!

We drove up to Logan on Friday afternoon and stayed at a hotel right on Utah State campus. I think it was old converted dorms, but it was just fine for our needs. We had a dinner at the race site and then went to get some "Aggie Ice Cream" with a token we got with our hotel room. :-)

This is us before we started on Saturday morning.

This is Saun and I at the lunch break. Oh my gosh, they had so much food at each stop. We pigged out! I'm talking chocolate, oreos with peanut butter on them, yummy peanut butter sandwiches (with lots more pb and j than I use at home!), licorice and other good stuff. And best of all, NO guilt was involved all weekend!

We (and our bums) are so happy to be done!

The Big Bad Wolf

Anorexic Little Red Riding Hood, she should have joined us at the rest stations to put some meat on those bones...

Good job girls! I had so much fun last weekend with you!

I have a 2nd grader?

I can't believe Caleb is done with first grade! Why does time fly by so fast? Here are some pictures from his end of the year program. I LOVED his teacher so much! Her name is Mrs Smith and she was so good and patient with the kids. If any of you have kids going to Reagan, request Mrs Smith for first grade! Love her!