Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top ten (or more) reasons why I loved our Disneyland trip and one reason (or a few) why I didn't (plus pics)

1. The excitement before going into the park is so... exciting!

2. Who doesn't want to eat as much sugary goodness for breakfast made by Goofy himself?

3. There are movie stars around every corner!

4. Minnie gives really long hugs.

5. Going on The Little Mermaid Ride and The Monsters Inc ride with Aubrey 8 times each is my idea of a really good time.
6. Absolutely nothing beats watching your kids watch a Disney Parade.
7. Splash Mountain on a warm sunny day is the epitome of happiness.
8. Aubrey did get used to the rides and was a good sport after the first day (this is her being a good sport)

9. Because of Brynley's tall snow boots she was able to ride and LOVED Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones and tried Screamin' but didn't love it. I loved watching her and Caleb so excited about the rides.
10. Because I can do pull ups anywhere! And Disneyland is the BEST place to do them!

11. It was hilarious sneaking Aubrey onto "Soarin over CA" by stuffing borrowed cowboy boots with socks and wash cloths to make her 3 inches taller. She could barely walk and loved that she was playing a "trick".
12. Loved seeing old friends Kent and Nellie Sommer and baby Win and talking with Win on the car ride home.

1. The torrential rain on the first day that left all of us soaked and Aubrey quite unhappy.

2. Caleb's barfing all night long the first night.
3. That my phone didn't automatically update to CA time so I was up and ready to go the first morning at 5:45am. After being up with a barfing Caleb.

All things considered, it was a fabulous trip and I'd go back tomorrow if I could.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year we spent Christmas with my side of the family and we had SO much fun!! We went to eat at Tepanyaki a few days before Christmas. That's kind of a little tradition the last few years to do that together when we're all in town. The kid's love the "show" and we love the food too! And, yes, Aubrey dressed herself for our night on the town. I didn't feel like fighting...

The next night we all got together and had my Grandma's chicken noodle soup and watched Home Alone.

We had SO much fun getting to know Cason! He is so cute! My kids (and I) loved playing with him!

On Christmas Eve we went to my parents house with my siblings, my aunt and uncle and some of my cousins. We ate our Christmas Eve dinner, used our nativity puppets to act out the nativity and did the "pass around game" where you read the Night Before Christmas and everyone passes gifts around the circle every time the word 'and' is read. It's a lot of fun.

Christmas morning was fantastic! My kids were all old enough to enjoy it and get excited. And besides one little crying episode by Brynley (Caleb pushed her out of the way when they were coming down the hall to see what Santa brought them) they were in great moods all day! Caleb got a 3DS, Brynley got an art easel and Aubrey got a kitchen from Santa. We also gave Brynley my American Girl doll from when I was a little girl.

Later in the morning my family came over to exchange presents and have brunch. We went to church a little later and just hung out enjoying each other's company. I really enjoyed going to church on Christmas. It just felt right. :-)

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and we hope you all did as well! And it's ok to have a little mess on Christmas, right?