Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jordan and Erin's Wedding

We have been up in Washington celebrating Jordan and Erin's wedding. We had such a fantastic week!

We drove up to the Tri Cities in Eastern Washington on Monday for the sealing on Tuesday. Monday night we went to Red Robin with people who had come into town for the wedding. The wedding was on Tuesday in the Columbia River Temple. We remembered about an hour outside of WA that we had forgotten our temple recommends! Now they can just look up your records so it wasn't a big deal but we had a little scare for a few minutes!

The sealing was so nice and was done by Brandon's Uncle. Erin looked so beautiful and they were so happy and excited to be married!

After the sealing and pictures the Mathews' Aunts put on the most amazing luncheon ever! Those ladies are seriously amazing. Who am I kidding, that whole family is just incredible!

After the luncheon we drove over to Seattle to spend a few days at Brandon's parents house. We went to the mall (of course the one with the Nordstrom Rack in it) and let the kids plan and jump on the bungee thingy.

The next day we went to the Olympic Game Farm.  It was an amazing experience!  You drive through the farm and there are zebras, bears, llamas, tigers, buffalo, peacocks, llamas, wolves, prarie dogs and little furry bunny rabbits all just roaming at their leisure.  They come run to your car and you feed them through your window.  It is crazy!  The kids loved being able to feed these huge animals and being so close to them.  Ok, the kids actually freaked out at first but the experience of feeding them from their hands grew on them.  

We left Seattle on Friday and drove to Richland for Jordan and Erin's reception.  Is was such a cute reception with most adorable decor and style.  Loved it!  

We had a great trip to Washington and enjoyed seeing extended family that we never get to see in the Tri Cities and spending time with Brandon's family as well.