Monday, April 28, 2008

A weekend full of changes...

This weekend we bought some new furniture! We got the kids a bunk bed that separates into two twin beds, a new dresser, a twin mattress and two new chairs for our kitchen table. So, Brynley got a big girl bed finally and Caleb got his very first bed. Yes, he's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Ghetto, I know. I love the beds we got and they were a great deal! (If anyone's in the market for beds let me know and I'll tell you where we went.) Just a quick update, Brynley's been sleeping great in her bed. She never comes out of her room at all! Not even in the morning. She sits there and yells for me like she was in her crib. Silly girl. I'm not sure I want her to know she can get out...

The dresser came in this great big box. After the kids were in bed Brandon cut a door and windows into it and made it into a clubhouse for the kids. He even made little door handles. Isn't he so cute?! The kids LOVE it!

I got my mother's day present a little early this year. I made myself some extensions! Yes, I said MADE. I bought the hair from Sally's ($35) and the clips ($10) and measured my head, cut the hair and sewed it onto the clips all by myself! Then i went to a neighbor friend and had her cut them into layers around my hair to blend it. I love it! I feel like Britney Spears back when she was hot. Here are the pictures:

Check back on Thursday when I will post if we're having a boy or girl!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy hair in the bath!

The kids let me really lather their hair on Sunday and we were able to do some great hair do's. Here they are having some fun!

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

We went to the tulip festival this year and it was very dissapointing. Winter is going long here in Utah and most of the tulips hadn't even bloomed yet. Here's what most of the place looked like:

No blooms...
We did get a few pretty pictures. These were mainly at the front. The farther you walked, the less flowers there were.

I actually emailed and complained saying that they should have postponed it or something and they mailed us too free passes with no expiration date. So we'll give it another go next year!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lose Weight, Win Free Jeans!

What could be better than this right? My friend has started this new company where if you lose weight you win free jeans! It doesn't even need to be tons of weight, just at least a pant size. Check it out at her website:

And all your questions will be answered! If you do go on to insure your jeans, tell her I sent you and I get a little bonus!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jumping Jacks

We have this place in Springville called Jumping Jacks and the kids love it! It is basically just a big wharehouse with a bunch of inflatables but the kids think it is the greatest place in the world. We always go with Saundra, Jackson and London so whenever we drive by Brynley always says, "Jumping Jacks with Jackson!" Here are a couple pictures from today: (and yes, brynley is wearing that... i know. So embarassing. She has discovered the back of her closet where all her old summer clothes are and she found that night gown from last year. I wasn't in the mood for a fight today. Or yesterday when she wanted to wear a sleeveless hawaiian dress in 40 degree weather.)

And, here is a picture of me at 16 weeks. Sorry, no more plain belly pics. They're getting too ugly. I am feeling a lot better than i was a few weeks ago. I feel like I'm actually starting to look pregnant now and not just fat. I've gained about 9 pounds so far. It's about the same as I was with Brynley.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Caleb got in!

Just wanted to post really quick and say that Caleb got into the Charter school! I'm so excited! It is a really good school and there is a huge random lottery every year to see who gets in. I just got an email saying he got in! Yay!

Princess Hair

After many requests for the finished product of "Princess Hair", here it is:

I think it looks so cute! And I LOVE that she's letting me make her a real girl! She even wore a braclet to church and was so excited about it!

Here's a picture of her in her dora underwear. I think kids in underwear are so cute! Is that wierd? But look at those legs! And her bum is even cuter!

14 week update: I am feeling... pretty yucky sometimes. Last thursday I had some major round ligament pain. I remember feeling that sharp pain in your ligaments meaning they are stretching at the end of my pregnancy with caleb and a little earlier with brynley, but last week they were almost debilitating. I couldn't even walk sometimes. I just laid curled up in a ball. I went to the park with Saundra and I could only walk hunched over. I tried to wear my support belt but it wouldn't stay down b/c my belly's still not very big. Then after that wore off my back hurt unbearably. I must have been compensating using my back because my stomach was hurting. All the pain lasted probobly 5 days. Non stop. I remember ligament pain being more sharp and fleeting. This was constant. It was aweful. I'm finally feeling better though, so thats good. Yesterday I got off the treadmill after I finished running and my knees were aching. What?! I don't get knee pain! If my joints are already loosening I'm going to go crazy. I really don't like that at 14 weeks I feel like I'm about to deliver.

So sorry about all the negativity. I realize its all worth it in the end. But am I the only one that doesn't LOVE being pregnant? I'm so emotional, moody and achey. Yet, all the people I talk to just love being pregnant and having "a life inside them". Ugh. Barf. I'm sorry if you're one of those people, because I'm sure there will be some who read this. To be honest I wish I was one of those people. But I'm not. I'm trying to enjoy it. I do like being able to eat a little more. :-) That's fun. I know it will go by fast and then it will be off to the dreaded task of weight loss... so I really should be happy...