Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aloha~Hawaii Trip Day 3

Today we got up and took our sweet time working out and having breakfast. Our room has a kitchen so we are eating most meals in the room or making them to take with us. We have been making protein shakes with lots of mango and pineapple and lime and they are to die for!

We went up to Waimea Falls today. We hiked up to the falls and Brandon swam out by them. Then we went out to the famous Waimea Bay. It was an amazing beach! Nice sand, good water and you can watch everyone jumping off the cliff for entertainment. We loved it.

We went to Angels for shave ice, stopped at a fruit stand and then headed back to our hotel to shower and go out for a night on the town!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aloha~Hawaii Trip Days 1-2

Aloha from Hawaii! Brandon and I are in Hawaii right now. Yes, right now! I figured I might as well blog as I go if I have time.

Yesterday we dropped the kids off and their cousins house (they were SO excited to have a sleep over at their cousins for a few nights) and headed to the airport. We had a direct flight to Honolulu and got in around 2:30pm Hawaii time. After picking up some groceries at Walmart and Costco we headed to the hotel. My parents have been here for two weeks and they overlapped us by a day so we got to hang out with them. It was so fun! We found them and headed to dinner. We were SO tired after dinner that we hit the sack by 8:30pm.

Today we got up and went for my parents usual walk with them. It was so fun and pretty. We were down by the beach and we wanted to hop off a wall onto the sand and explore a little bit. So we were walking along this wall (I was in front) and I was about to hop down onto the sand when I walked right into a completely naked man. Laying on his back all spread eagle. It made us laugh for a while. Anything and everything is ok in Waikiki!

We spent the day on the beach at Waikiki today. Then we had an early dinner before my parents had to leave.

After they left Brandon and I watched the sunset and came back up to our room. It has been a gorgeous and fun first day in paradise!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're related to a local celebrity!

My nephew Collin was Peter Pan up at a community production at Weber State. We spent the day up in Salt Lake last week and went and saw him in it. He did such a great job and REALLY looked the part! Way to go Collin! We're so proud of you! :-)

Cheer Camp

Brynley got to experience life as a cheerleader for 2 weeks this month. Springville High Cheer put on a cute little cheer camp where the cheerleaders taught the girls a dance and some cheers and then they put on a little show. It was really cute. And really popular too because I think every little girl in Springville was there...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Father and Son's Camp out and Girl Party!

Last weekend was the Father and Son's Camp out. The boys had a lot of fun fishing, hiking and playing but it was pretty cold since our ward does it so early in the year.

While the boys were gone we had a girl party! Brynley planned the whole thing. We painted toe nails, made cookies, did puzzles, played games, had a movie night and Brynley slept in my bed with me. It was so fun! At one point she said, "I'm going to go play outside but tell me when the cookies are done. I planned this party so I can't miss any of it!" Such a fun, cute little girl.