Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy Easter Weekend

Wow, we had a busy Easter weekend. Here is a quick rundown:

Friday: The pediatritian wanted Caleb to come back in so he could check his lip to see if it looked any better. We got to his office at 11am and weren't seen until 12:30. It didn't look any better and we couldn't get in to his plastic surgeon because he was in surgery all day. So the pediatritian wanted us to go to the ER at Primary Children's and have them look at it because what caleb has is so rare, the pediatritian wasn't comfortable diagnosing anything. We grabbed some lunch and went straight up to the hospital. By about 3pm we had a room and they started doing tests which included getting an IV (he HATED that... they had to wrap him in a blanket to keep him from moving... it was so sad), blood tests and a CT scan. They were testing to see if there was fluid in this tough spot in his lip that would need to be drained. To make a long story short, it turnes out there wasn't fluid there and they put us on medication to help the infection and sent us home... at 9pm. It was a long day and Caleb and I both were irritable (that word is an understatment for Caleb... he was furious at the whole situation) by the end of it.
Edit by Brandon: The "blanket" they wrapped him in was essentially a straight jacket. Also, I can't believe Lindsey failed to mention my staying home with a constipated Brynley and a failed enema attempt...

Saturday: We had a ward easter egg hunt and the big park behind our church. It is also right behind our house which is convenient. It was a lot of fun. It lasted all of 5 minutes and they got lots of candy! Afterwards the kids played at the park while we visited with friends.

That afternoon we colored easter eggs. It was a lot of fun and they ended up looking so great and bright!

Sunday: Sunday caleb woke up at the crack of dawn like it was Christmas. The kids loved their baskets! Brynley got curlers in her basket to make "princess hair". I thought she'd actually let me use them on her if they were a gift from the easter bunny. And she did! For those of you who don't know, she never lets me TOUCH her hair! No pig tails, nothing. It's very sad. But lately, she's been wanting her hair done. I'm loving it! I didn't get a picture of the finished "princess hair" but it turned out cute and very curly! Next time I won't leave them in so long!

Later in the morning we had an easter egg hunt in our backyard.

After church we went to my parents for easter dinner and another egg hunt! There were a lot more places to hide eggs at their house. It was a great Easter!

Monday: We had to go to the plastic surgeon and let him look at caleb's lip. It still has the bump but it's going down and it's looking a lot better! So that's good news! We have to go back to him again after his antibiotics are over for him to check it one more time.

I just wanted to put this picture in here of brynley's pony tail. She actually wanted it this morning and it looks so cute on her! This picture of caleb is funny too... He said "mom, look I'm goign to be alvin, simon and theodore!" and he put a grape in each side of his cheek and then smiled. Creative kid.

So that was our crazy weekend! Hope you all had a great one too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too many Dr's in one day...

This morning I had my 12 week dr. apt and got to hear the heartbeat! That was fun. This is my third time though... and all heart beats sound the same. But it was still really fun. And, thankfully, there was only one. ;-) The dr. told me that since this is my third, if I want to, I can skip my 16 week apt (since all they do is check the heart beat again) and do my ultrasound early! So, I scheduled my ultrasound for Thursday May 1, 6 weeks from today. I will be almost 19 weeks at that point. I'm so excited!

The other dr apt we had today was for Caleb. We thought he was over his flu but today his lip was really red, swollen and hard. (His lip has extra lymph tissue so when ever he gets any kind of infection, like a cold or anything, it gets swollen and red.) He was also in tears most of the day because it was hurting him so bad. It was so swollen he couldn't talk except for a mumble and couldn't eat much of anything. So, this afternoon we took him to the dr and sure enough it's infected. They had to give him two shots of antibiotic because the dr didn't think oral antibiotics would be effective enough. We have to go back in tomorrow to get him checked out again. Poor kid. He had lots of pain today. I guess the only good thing that comes from sickness is naps! We all took a nap today and were late to the dr because of it! Oops!

Monday, March 17, 2008

12 week update

I am 12 weeks pregnant today! I am feeling great! I have gained 6 pounds so far which is how much I had gained thus far with Brynley. I have been feeling pretty similar to how I did with her too. Maybe I'm having a girl? Who knows. With Caleb i was a lot sicker and I hadn't gained any wieght yet at this point. But that could just be different because it was my first pregnancy.

So, sorry if the picture is TMI. But, we're all friends right? I'm back to eating well. Really trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I do NOT want stretch marks so I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can as I heard your nutrition plays a part in whether you get them. Not sure if thats true... I get to hear the heart beat on thursday! Brandon jokes that we're going to hear two heartbeats because I'm so much bigger so far than with my other two. Anyway, i have lots of energy and my workouts are going great. I can still do a couple unassisted pull ups. One less than I used to be able to do but I guess that's what happens when you add 6 pounds! Ok, moving along...

We went sledding on saturday and it was really fun. We were the only ones up there because a lot of the snow had melted. Here are some pictures from that:

Other news, caleb has the flu. His temperature is 103 today. Poor kid. He just lays around all day. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. That's about it! Have a great day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Has it been two weeks? What have we been up to...

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted! I really am going to try to be better about posting more often! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to:

We put in part of our garden last week! My dad came over with his roto-tiller (however you spell that) and we mixed in some yummy stuff into the soil and planted my peas and carrots! I'm so excited to have a garden this year! We are also going to plant tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, cucumbers, squash and zuchinni! I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew here... Here is a picture of the kids helping.

Brandon's mom came for an impromptu visit this weekend! It was so much fun to have her! We love having her come visit. We didn't do a whole lot. We went bowling at BYU (a favorite around here), went to costa vida (her favorite utah place), went to deseret book, Sam's club, bbq'd shishkabobs, etc. Just some lazy good times. Here is a picture of her and the kids:

I have been having Caleb help me with cleaning lately and he is doing so good! His job is the bathrooms. I give him a clorox wipe and he wipes the counters better than I do! He is very thorough and never leaves streaks. I feel kind of like I'm running a child labor camp here, though... He gets a dollar a week for doing his chores. Today after he finished the bathrooms I said, "Caleb do you want to clean the bathroom floors for 25 cents?" He says, "YEAH!!!!" So he did that too. I kind of feel guilty. But not that guilty. I don't have to clean my bathrooms anymore!!! He also decided he wanted to start paying tithing so we went to deseret book and got him one of those classic "piggy banks" with a savings, tithing and spending section. He LOVES it! It's really cute. Now, the hard part will be getting him to save his spending money long enough to buy something actually worthwhile. I guess this is where the learning opportunities come in...

Yes, I am still pregnant. I will be 12 weeks this weekend. I will post an update with pictures this weekend. I will be back on soon!