Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Pictures!

We got some family pictures taken today. Liz took them again, like she did 2 years ago. She is so amazing! Love her! Here is the link to the little preview. I will put some more up here in a week or so when we get the rest of them.

Click here to see them!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At the beginning of the summer we had a family meeting and planned fun things to do every couple weeks throughout the summer. I feel like we never DO anything and I know if we want to do fun things they aren't just going to fall into our laps. We have to plan them! So we did!

Yesterday we went up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. We parked about 1/3 mile away from the falls and walked up to them. It was so much fun. Caleb rode his new bike and the rest of us walked. It was fun to see the river (it was so full and fast!), the falls and all the bridges!

Caleb's Lemonade Stand

Caleb has gotten way to big for his bike. His bike is a 14" and is supposed to be for 3-5 year olds. He is a big almost 6 year old. He needed a new bike. I told him he had to save $20 to pay towards the bike. He has been doing some chores around the house and things like that. Last Saturday Saundra and I did a garage sale (I will never do that again. Way too much work. I'd rather just sell stuff on KSL) and the boys decided they wanted to have a Lemonade Stand.

They did great at it! They each made $10!

You're probobly thinking "Wow, 25 cent lemonades made them each 10 bucks?!" Well, some nice people gave them extra money. That's how they made the bulk of it, I'm sure. But they definately "worked" for it, asking every customer if they wanted to buy some lemonade.

And would you know it, he has earned his $20 so he got his new bike!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can see!!!


I went in for Lasik this morning and it went perfectly! Brandon and I showed up there 30 min before our surgery time. I thought they had us come that early because we would be doing things but we actually just sat in the waiting room for 30 min while I got more and more nervous with every passing second. Finally at 10am we met with the surgical coordinator and she explained all of the eye drops I would be using afterwards and we set up post op appointments. She also gave me a valium so I could come home and sleep afterwards.

Then I went into the exam room and they numbed my eyes and did a couple little tests. I got all ready in my surgery garb.

Surgery was really ... wierd. I wouldn't say it hurt, but I was very uncomfortable the whole time. (Which wasn't that long I should add, I was probobly only in the surgical suite for 10 minutes total). You know when you're getting a filling at the dentist and it doesn't really hurt but your whole body's tense and you just can't relax? That's how I felt. The staff was awesome though and really helped me feel a little more at ease. They were all women, the surgeon, the doctor, the helpers, everyone. It was great. It felt like how I would assume it would feel to give birth with midwives. They were very nice and supportive. One lady was right next to me and encouraging me to look at the top of the light (which is actually MUCH harder than you'd think when your eyes are numb and everything's blurry). Another lady was doing the count down for each part of the surgery. The surgeon would tell me every little thing to expect and what she was doing.

The hardest part was when they made the flap. I felt a ton of pressure like someone was pushing on my eye really hard as they were putting on the clamp to keep my eye open wide and then my vision went black. It really felt like my eyes were closed because I couldn't see and my eyes were numb. There was a lot more pressure and about 20 seconds later they were done and they did the other eye.

I got a little break while they took me to the other laser machine. This part wasn't as uncomfortable but it was really wierd. I could see them moving the flap around on my eye. I could see them moving my eye around. My vision would go fuzzy then clear then fuzzy again. It was just really wierd.

After about a min on each eye of that, they were finished! I got up and I could see! Seriously. It looked fuzzy but I could see to walk down the hall which was more than could be said of 20 minutes beforehand. On the way home, I could read the billboards. It is amazing.

I came home and took a 3 hour nap and that was helpful. I'm supposed to keep my eyes closed as much as possible today.

I have 7 different eye drops I have to take about every 2 hours. I have to take each type of drop 5 minutes after the one before. So, basically I am doing drops for 35 minutes every 2 hours. It's only like that for the first two days then I don't have to do it as often.

My vision is improving as the day goes on (now it's barely just a teeny bit fuzzy)and supposidly it will be even better in the morning! The scratchiness is going away too. It still kind of feels like I have some sand in there though. I'm excited to see how unfuzzy and comfortable it will be tomorrow! I'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My life, as I know it, is about to change forever...

Ok, so maybe that title is a little dramatic. But... maybe not.

It all began in the 4th grade. In Mrs. Prokop's class. I got my big coke bottle glasses. Bright pink plastic frames. I was so embarrassed that I sat in my chair with my hands cupped around my eyes so no one would see my new glasses. Pretty inconspicuous, I know. I was chubby too. Pretty much worst case scenario.

Life got a little better in 8th grade when I got my contacts. I've worn contacts ever since. Every single day of my life. My eye sight is awful. Really. Terrible. For those of you familiar with prescriptions, I'm a -5 and -6. My eyesight is worse than 20/400 which is the worst "grade" they give an eyesight.

Tomorrow all that will change! I'm going in for customvue ilasik! I will finally be able to see my alarm clock and not have to worry about fishing around for my glasses when I have to get up in the night with kids and many many other daily annoyances. I've been wearing these gosh awful glasses for the last two weeks and I am so ready to have them gone. I wore them on my race Saturday and the rain made rain streaks on the them. When I'd breathe in and out they'd fog up. On Sunday I was putting on eye liner and I was really struggling because in order for me to actually see my eye I had to get so close to the mirror that my eye liner brush kept hitting hitting the mirror. There wasn't enough room between my face and the mirror!

I had my pre-op appointment today. I went through a whole array of tests and I am all good to go! My appointment for surgery is tomorrow at 9:30am! I'm telling Brandon he has to take lots of pictures to share with you all. I am supposed to come home and sleep most of the first 18 hours or so (they load me up on the Valium :-) ) so you may not see an update on here until at least Thursday.

I'm so excited! Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Provo River 10 Miler

I ran the Provo River 10 Miler today. It was great! I loved it! Saundra and I did it together and we had so much fun! Four weeks ago when Saundra asked me if I wanted to run it with her the farthest I had ran since getting pregnant a year and a half before was 3 miles! So, yep, I went from 3 miles to 10 in four short weeks!

My goal time was a 10 minute mile which would have been 1 hour and 40 min. I beat that time with this one:

That makes for a 9:30 min mile average!
And check out our fastest pace:

This was when we were sprinting to the finish.

Here we are at the end:

Look how sweaty I am!!! Ew!
I felt great. My knees never hurt once today or during training and I actually enjoyed it! Thanks Saun for talking me into running with you!

Caleb's T-ball Pictures

Our little gymnast

The legs can go a lot wider than that too! Right before this picture she was bent completely over into the middle of her splits. Gotta love what you can do when you have absolutely no muscles!

More pictures from Brynley's recital

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Videos from Brynley's Recital

"Twinkle Twinnkle Little Star"

And the moment you have all been waiting for...

"Babyface" (Check out this enthusiasm)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Next Boot Camps

Hey guys! Brynley's dance recital and other big news will be appearing on the blog later today but I just wanted to put in a quick plug for my next boot camps. This one is going GREAT! People are getting awesome results and I am loving it.

My next ones will start June 23 and run through July. I will be doing on in Provo and in Springville. Check out more info HERE

Monday, June 1, 2009

I just want to win...

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Sorry guys, but I'd love to win one of these. You'll see this on all of my blogs... :-)