Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Aubrey!

I can't believe my baby is two years old! It seems like just yesterday she was born. Aubrey is such a good little girl. She is so pleasant and happy. She hasn't quite hit the terrible twos yet so we still love her. :-) I will say this though. While she is probably our easiest toddler yet with regards to temperament, she is MESSY! She goes from drawer to drawer pulling things out and throwing them all over. Yesterday I gave her a graham cracker and when I walked away she put it down on the carpet and stepped on it over and over until it was all crumbs. But she is always happy and sweet and oh so cute, so we'll keep her.

Aubrey loves:

-her doggy blanket
-pacifiers (fasers)
-playing with her brother and sister (Ehcob and Binny)

About a week before her birthday this conversation ensued:

Mom: "Guess who's birthday it is next week?!"
Aubrey: "What?"
Mom: "Aubrey's!!!"
Aubrey: "YAY!!!"
Mom: "What should we do at your party?"
Aubrey: "Snacks"
Mom: "What should we have?"
Aubrey: "Goldfish. Milk"
Mom: "Ok, what games should we play?"
Aubrey: "Duck, duck, sit"
Mom: "Sounds good. Should we have cake and presents?"
Aubrey: "YEEEAAAAHH!!!!!"

She had a bit of a pacifier (faser) addiction so on her birthday we decided it was time to get rid of those suckers (pun inteded). I tied one of them to some helium balloons and we sent them to the babies in heaven. She was really sad. But she is over it now. Every once in while she asks for them. I just remind her that she is such a big girl and she gave them to the babies in heaven so they can sleep good and she just says "Babies. Heaven. Sleep good."

She is just such a little sweetie. Love her.