Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caleb's Preschool Graduation

Last night was Caleb's preschool graduation. He was throwing up all afternoon due to eating an old ham sandwich he found at Jackson's house. But luckily after a few "episodes" and some naps he was all better in time for the graduation. It was a very cute program. They started by singing some really cute songs. Here are some pictures from the program. Yes, Caleb is wearing heart sunglasses. The poor boy in front of him, though, has pink glasses AND a pink guitar!

After the program they got dressed in the caps and gowns for the processional. Each kid got a title or award. Caleb's was "Little Mister Scholar". I was so proud! I mean, I knew he was smart. But it feels good to hear his teacher say it!

This is Caleb and his friend Josh, from school:

Here he is during the "processional":

This is Caleb and Mrs. Suzan:

I can't believe he is out of preschool and ready to start Kindergarten! He is so smart and loves to learn. I got him these Brain Quest cards from Costco for a graduation present and he loves them. They have questions and answers on them for kindergarten level and they are really cute and fun. I'm so proud of him! And thanks to Grandma and Uncle Dane for coming to support him!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brynley's mean words

Brynley has said some funny things lately. Unfortunately they are all in a mean spirit. But they're still really funny. One thing is she always calls someone a cowboy when she's really mad at them. She says (very, very meanly) "You a cowboy." Random.

The other thing she said the other day has to do with her favorite thing ever. Or what used to be her favorite thing ever. Some of you may know that she loves milk. Always has. It's the only thing that will calm her sometimes. But she has also had major constipation problems her whole life. So, on Tuesday after her most recent enema (during which she called me a cowboy through her tears), I decided to take the bold move I'd been contemplating but dreading for a while now. I was taking her off milk. We got some soymilk at the store and that was it. So, the next time she wanted/needed her milk I gave her soymilk. She drank like three sips and said, "I don't need milk," and just gave it back to me. She hasn't wanted milk since. I keep trying to get her to drink the soy milk but she won't. So, the other day she was really upset and I asked if she wanted milk and she screams, "NO! I HATE MILK!!! MILK. IS. HATE." I laughed so hard. I never would have thought I'd hear my milk loving daugher yell milk. is. hate.

Monday, May 12, 2008

20 weeks

Ok, I look really uncomfortable in this picture for some reason... Not sure if it's the awkward hands on the belly or what...

Anyway, I'm 20 weeks now! Halfway! I'm still doing and feeling great. The baby is moving a ton now. She moves around for like hours on end. It's fun, for now. Won't be so fun in a few months! I've gained about 13 pounds and I'm still able to exercise every day. I can't run anymore, as of about 2 weeks ago. It hurts my round ligament too much. I am super tired. Whoever said the tiredness goes away after the first trimester was not right in my case! Other than that though I'm feeling great!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good times and bad times on the trampoline

Tonight on the trampoline we had much happiness:

and much sadness:

Brynley, who's always been terrified of everything including the trampoline and all slides, loved being bounced high by Caleb and Daddy on the tramp tonight. She has also started going on slides recently. Yes, at 2 1/2 years old. We are so excited that she's being a little braver about these scary things.

As for Caleb, I don't remember exactly what he was crying for. But, he sure does look sad, doesn't he?

Condo for Sale...

We are listing our condo for sale. If you know of anyone looking for an investment propery let me know and I'll email you the link. We would also be willing to keep renting it if we can't sell it, so send all your renter friends our way, too. We are trying to sell it ourselves to get as much equity out of it as we can so if you guys have any ideas or anything to help me sell it on our own in this great market let me know! I have listed it on, craigs list,, we've got signs and fliers. Let me know if you've got any tips!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Mathews' Children Talent Show

On Sunday morning we were playing around in our room and the kids wanted to sing songs for the camera. Here is a recording of each of their favorite songs. (WARNING: THIS MAY ONLY BE ENJOYABLE TO FAMILY MEMBERS) This is Brynley singing her favorite song:
This is Caleb singing "Pink Elephants on Parade" from Dumbo. Yes, this is the song when Dumbo's drunk. I know. At the end of the video Brynley dances and Caleb dances like a drunk elephant.

This is their "curtain call". Along with an interview at the end.

Enjoy the Mathews children talent show!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are having a ...

We are having a girl!!! We are so excited! The kids said they wanted a boy, though. Except Dora. "Dora wants a baby girl and I want a baby boy" said Brynley over and over and over... I think she's still in denial. I tell her it's a baby girl and she says "I want a baby boy". She'll get it eventually. Caleb is excited to have two little sisters. Baby looks good and healthy and we got some good pictures. Due date is right on so we'll get to meet her in about 5 months!