Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dance Competitions

The kids had their last dance competition today at Lagoon.  Lagoon is stupid.  It's especially stupid when you've recently been to Disneyland.  A few trademark images of that point is the completely dead tulips as  you walk into the park.  You would never see a bed of dead flowers at Disneyland.  Also when we went on this scary little ride called Terroride the ride car has to actually push the doors open into the ride.  Even Caleb noticed and commented "Those doors don't even open automatically..."  Caleb and Brandon did like Collases and Wicked.  But after a few hours of rides we were more than done for the day.

The kids danced great.  It was their last competition.  Brynley's team, the Sparkles, actually won as the overall grand champions in their category!  Way to go both Brynley and Caleb!  They have really enjoyed dance this year and it has really helped them with their confidence and many other things!