Monday, June 18, 2007

New do...again.

Just thought I'd post a picture of my new do. I know, I know. I have major ADD with my hair and change it every few months. It's not super different. Just a bit lighter and a different style. I'm not very good at doing my hair though. It never looks as good as when Stacy, my "girl", does it. She's the best. I've never come away from her with anything I didn't love. Mad props to you, Stac.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The color of the day is yellow!

On sunday the kids looked so cute because they were both wearing yellow. We thought we'd try to take some pictures of them. Taking pictures of two toddlers is easier said than done. We tried to get them to stand on the front porch but Brynley started crying right when I moved away from her. So i got her piggy to try and tickle her with to get her to laugh but then she just wanted to hold it. As she was crying, Caleb was getting bored so he started walking away. We told him to get back by her. Then she started walking away. We told Caleb to follow Brynley around while looking at Daddy and smiling the whole time. This is all we got from it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long time, no update :-)

It's been entirely too long and I have too much to say! So, make sure you're comfortable and in for a long read. Alright, we'll go in chronological order. Over memorial day weekend we were able to have Brandon's mom come visit us. We did a lot of fun things while she was here. One day we went to the zoo. Caleb was a typical boy and ran from animal to animal without actually taking time to sit and look at the animal or enjoy anything. While Brynley, on the other hand, was content and easy going and would watch an animal as long as you wanted her to. She liked seeing in person all the animals she knew how to make noises of.

We also went to the Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens. They were fun. It was really pretty and had bear caves, a light house, mazes and lots of other fun things. It was kind of a cold, windy day so we were literally THE only ones there. It was fun.

We had such a fun time with Brandon's mom, aka, grandma or "bonk bah". We love it when she comes.

A week after Brandon's mom left we were so excited to have our good friends from AZ, the Walkers come stay with us. They were coming up to visit with family but they stayed with us for part of the time. Caleb was in heaven. It was like a constant sleepover with three of his best friends and brynley's new best friend. She loved Ellie (said with a lot of emphasis on the L's).
We didn't even have to plan activities to entertain them. They played for hours and Jess and I had so much to talk about that the few days went by way too fast! Please come again soon you guys.

Also in the last three weeks we have done something crazy. Ok, not so crazy but it feels kind of crazy! We bought a condo over in Five Star Condo's on the other side of the freeway. For those of you who know, we bought Chad and Janice Jardine's condo. Here's a picture of it.

We closed the loan on Thursday and we signed a contract with some potentially awesome renters on Saturday. They are getting married in July, no kids, no pets, basically they seem great. And they absolutely loved the condo so we're all happy! We are really excited to have this experience.

Caleb's been doing swimming lessons every day this last week and this next week. He is doing so well. He's started to jump off the side of the pool without being caught. After he jumps sometimes he just floats at the top and it kinda freaks me out. But then he pops up. This last saturday he also went down the big huge water slide at the scera pool with Brandon. He loved it. He was being very brave yesterday. Brynley was also dunking herself in the water and popping back up. Speaking of poor Brynley. Let me tell you the story of her poor little knee. Monday at swimming lessons she fell on the pool deck and scraped her knee. A little while later she fell again. The it started bleeding a ton. She looked down and didn't cry but said "color... owie". We went and got some bandaids from the lifeguards. Tuesday she fell again and it started bleeding through the bandaids that were already there. Wednesday and thursday it scabbed over and was healing. Friday at swimming lessons she fell again. This time she was wearing jeans so i thought she'd be ok. But then i see a blood spot growing on her jeans. By this time the "scrape" is so deep it looks like a chunk has been cut out of her knee. Saturday, of course, she falls again and it bleeds... again. We're hoping her poor knee will eventually heal in time but who knows.

Anyway, I've bored you all enough. I'll leave you with a picture of my cute new shoes.