Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treatment two and other random info

No pictures today, sorry. I just wanted to quickly hop on and say that Caleb has his second treatment on Friday. It went about exactly like the first. Except that he got the Zophran in his IV BEFORE we tried to leave rather than AFTER. Either way, he still barfed all day. I am thinking this is unavoidable. The dr's said that the injection medication makes kids sick and the zophran just helps him not be AS sick. Again, he was fine, like new, the next morning. We will see if it does any good. I feel like it might have gotten a teensy bit smaller with the last treatment. After the next one we will have a better idea. We got another EOB from the insurance yesterday and it looks like each treatment is going to cost us about $1,000 instead of the $500 we thought. Double. That's quite a jump and an added stress. We are trying to save as much as we can so that we can pay for all the treatments and not bag the disneyland trip the kids are so excited for that was planned for December. But the Disneyland trip is not for sure anymore. Of course, I don't even need to say, that if this works, everything will be worth it.

With that said, come one come all to boot camp! Free class THIS FRIDAY morning from 6-7am at Heart N Soul Dance Studio!!! Please come and bring all your friends! :-) See www.leanbodieshf.com and click on the boot camp link for more info.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My baby is getting so big...

Aubrey is now 18 months and went into nursery this last Sunday. It is crazy how time flies.

She is 23 lbs 12 oz (50th %), 33 inches tall (92nd %), and her head is in the 17th percentile. Pretty typical stats for my kids at that age, tall, medium weight, little heads. Thanks to their dad. :-)

Aubrey is hilarious. Seriously. We all just die laughing at her every day. One of the funniest things she does is she repeats the last word of anything we are saying. I'll say to Brynley "Don't get that. It's too heavy." She'll walk around chanting "heavy, heavy, heavy." The best is when she roams the house saying "money, money, money." So cute.

She says a ton of words. I can't think of all of them but here are a sampling:
fish (sshhhh)
cheese (ssssss)
cheerios (cheyo)
banana (amana)
drink (gink)
doggie (goggy)
night night

She is such a good baby. She actually asks to go to bed. She'll come up to me and say "nigh nigh" if she's tired and it's not quite bedtime or naptime yet. She loves to give hugs. She'll just walk up to you out of the blue and hug you. It will make anyone melt. It is so unbelievable sweet. She loves music and likes to dance to it. She loves her daddy and grandpa. She always is asking for daddy. The other day out of the blue she said, "Baba (grandpa)? Baba? Peeeaaase? Baba, peeaaase?" So we called grandpa and she was so happy. She also loves her brother and sister. When Brynley is gone she walks around the house saying, "Mimi? Mimi? (brynley)" She calls Caleb "Becab". I'm sure she likes me too but she is just more vocal in her affection for her dad and siblings, I guess. I'm ok with it.

She is such a wonderful, perfect little baby and we all just can't get enough of her! We love you Aubs!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brynley Makes Cookies!

Brynley made her very first batch of cookies last weekend! She did pretty much everything by herself, including cracking the eggs and using the mixer! All I did was pour the liquid ingredients into the measuring spoons and the oven work. The cookies turned out great and she was SO proud of herself! The whole time she was just grinning saying "I've never made my own cookies before!" It was so cute. Check out this hapiness:

She even helped me clean up at the end! What a sweet little girl she is.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just the usual

Nothing too exciting has been going on around here lately. Caleb has his follow appointment with the ENT up at Primary Children's tomorrow. I don't notice a difference in the size of his lip after this first treatment but they said we probably wouldn't. I guess I was just hoping we would anyway...

Brandon sprained his ankle pretty bad. His third injury in four months. (First was a shoulder injury on Thanksgiving playing football. Second was another shoulder injury - the other side- around Christmas while skiing, and this one was while playing basketball).

And here's Aubrey with her toothy grin.