Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kelly and Cason's Visit

We had SO much fun when Kelly and Cason came to town!!  Even though Cason was not too fond of Aunt Lindsey, I wasn't too bitter because he was so darn adorable.  

The kids did awesome at their piano recital.  

 In the dog house...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Start of Summer Adventures!

We have started up some fun summer activities!  We tried heading to Seven Peaks one day but it was SO crowded that these kids were not in the best of moods.  Not super happy with how cheap Seven Peaks gave away those passes...  The place will be a zoo all summer long.

We also went to Springville's Art City Days Children's art festival with our friends.  There are a bunch of booths where kids do fun little art projects.  It was really hot and crowded but the kids had fun for the most part.  Actually they whined.  A lot.  But it was still a good experience.

I think I am the only mom on the planet who would have a birthday party for a doll.  Ever since Brynley got Kirsten (american girl doll) for Christmas she's wanted to bake her a cake on her birthday.  I didn't want left over cake.  So we turned it into a birthday party.

On Monday night we hiked the Y.  We weren't sure how that would go with Aubrey but she did great!  She hiked the whole way and didn't complain once!  She was so cute and strong.  We were so proud of her!  The big kids had a great time and practically ran up the mountain.

 Oh and we got a bunny.  Our neighbor found it in her back yard.  She (he?) is so cute and we named her (him?) Fufu.

We are excited for the adventures the rest of the summer will bring!